It’s the perfect storm of bad luck, a bit of bad timing and the best player in the world on the court.

The Los Angeles Clippers are currently 11-5 in their past 12 games.

Their record now sits at 21-8, and they are currently tied for third in the NBA in points per game at a whopping 19.5.

But for the Los Angeles Lakers, it’s a different story.

They are currently 13-5 and are looking to become the first team to win the Western Conference since the 1996-97 Chicago Bulls (who finished the season in the same position as the Clippers).

The Clippers are tied with the Utah Jazz for the league’s second-best record, and the Lakers are on pace for their best winning percentage since they won the NBA title in 1997.

So how will they handle the situation?

The Los Llamas will need to find a way to get back to the playoffs if they want to reach the conference finals.

They have to get over the hump to make the postseason and get over that hump and then win the conference.

They have to win seven of their final eight games.

The Clippers have been playing very well right now.

They’re just not playing well enough right now to win those seven games.

But that is not where they want their team to be, so I don’t think it’s going to happen overnight.

They will have to figure out how to win their games on the road.

They were playing great, but they weren’t getting the stops.

They are not a good defensive team, so when they are defending, they’re not giving up shots and they’re giving up rebounds and stuff like that, but when they get stops they are giving their guys a chance to get to the free throw line.

They’ll need to figure that out.

And they’ll need some luck.

They played so poorly last year that they lost the first three games of the playoffs and they had a very tough time against teams with better records.

If they don’t get the bounces, they are not going to win in the playoffs.

So if you want to get the playoffs, you need to be better than the Lakers right now, and that means winning a lot of games, especially against teams that are at or near the top of the West.

The Clippers are on a roll right now and will have a tough time beating any of the teams they face.

They will have two games against the Portland Trail Blazers and the Utah Stars, two teams that have been in and out of the playoff picture.

The Lakers are in a tough spot.

They had to get past the Jazz in the first round and they have to go up against the defending Western Conference champs and the one team that has had a winning season in two years, the Oklahoma City Thunder.

If the Lakers win those games, they would be in a perfect position to secure the first overall pick in the 2017 NBA draft.

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