A new type of art frame is being designed by Yale art gallery students.

They’re using it to frame artworks for sale at a gallery wall.

The art frames are being sold at the Yale Art Gallery, and they’re part of a growing movement in the arts industry.

Artists, artists and art galleries have been trying to put on wall frames for years, and many have been successful.

The Yale students are trying something new, and it’s really exciting to see them doing so successfully.

Artworks that are not sold by the gallery can be put on frames at the gallery wall, or purchased at a discount.

It’s a great way to showcase your work.

“I think that we have a great opportunity to be able to do something that will make our art accessible, accessible to people who may not otherwise be able [to see it],” said David Miller, one of the students who designed the frames.

Miller said he wanted to use an image of the Statue of Liberty that is still in use in the gallery to frame the work.

He said the frames are designed to be more durable and functional than traditional frames.

“It’s a very minimalist, functional frame.

The frames are made of a plastic, and you can see through them,” he said.

The artist is using a piece of the artwork he found in a museum, as well as a piece from a previous project.

He said he also took some of the pieces from the wall.

“It’s the same painting, so there’s no artwork in there.

So, we can use that as a template for us to start with,” Miller said.

For the students, the frames also allow them to make more of a splash, with a pop of color and sparkle.

“The pop of colour, it’s very interesting.

It can be a little bright, it can be quite dark, it could be just be a sparkle in the background,” Miller added.

“We wanted to make the artwork a little more bold.”

Miller said the artists are also hoping to get more art into the public view.

“We want to be really, really open about it, to let people see the work in a way that they can understand it.

We want to put people in the position of understanding what this work is, what it represents,” he added.”

To do that, we need to have a strong and visible presence.”

Yale Art Gallery says they plan to take the project to the New York City Museum of Modern Art, and will start with a few frames and sell them to galleries in other cities.

The students are planning to keep the frames in the Yale gallery until April.

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