How to Get Away With Murder Season 5 Episode 5 – ‘The Black Box’

The first episode of the season, “The BlackBox”, aired on April 6, 2018, and featured an episode titled “The Big Fat Surprise”.

The episode was written by the writers behind The Walking Dead, AMC’s hit television series that aired from 2014 to 2018.

The episode featured an anonymous caller who claims to be the boss of a local mall, but who was in fact working for a “Big Fat Surprise”, and who had been given the “biggest surprise” of all: a box with the names of every customer at the mall, and the dates and locations of their transactions.

The box contained information on all the transactions and prices of each transaction, as well as the customer’s name and date of birth, along with a list of all the people who had purchased a specific item.

The caller claimed that the information would be used to create a “black box” of the mall’s customers, which they would then be able to sell.

The caller’s name is John, and he claims to work for a local corporation called “BigFat Surprise”, a group that specializes in “big deals” and “big surprises”.

According to the caller, he had been hired by “Bigfat Surprise” to sell the box, and was paid $2,000 for the job.

John claims that he would “dig through the boxes and pull out the names, dates and addresses of the people, so we can track their movements”, and that “they’re going to have all these names, locations and dates, and we’re going, ‘That’s a big box!

That’s a box!'”

The caller then revealed that his boss, John, would be paying him $1,000 per name, and $500 per address, to create the box.

The “big box” contained information about the customer, the location and the time of the transaction, and it was then all supposed to be sold.

However, a week after the episode aired, the caller was approached by a reporter, who was trying to track down the caller and the “Big Big Surprise” group.

The reporter asked the caller about the box he had bought and the identities of all of the transactions.

The man claimed that he had “digged through boxes”, and had already pulled out “the names and locations, so that we can identify the people”, and the caller claimed the information could be used in the “black boxes” of Bigfat Surprise.

The man then told the reporter that John was now looking for him, and that he was “going to get paid”, and to “call me.”

The caller then asked the reporter if he could ask John a few questions about his company, and where he got the money from.

The journalist, who had followed the “red box” scamster for several months, was initially concerned that the man was telling the truth, and wanted to know if he had made any “big deal” transactions.

But after the reporter asked about John’s job and the identity of the “real boss”, the man admitted to the reporter he had only “worked for the real boss”.

The caller claimed he would also be paid $1 million for the “job” and $1.5 million per transaction.


The man’s “boss” would not be interested in paying him that much money, and so the reporter left the room, and never followed up on the caller’s claims.

According to a police report, John was arrested on April 12, 2018 for identity theft and fraud.

John has not been charged with any crime.


When contacted by Mashable, John did not deny that he worked for Bigfat, and denied any involvement in the scam.

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