Grilled cheese is one of the most popular grilled foods in Australia and the menu at Grilled Cheeseburger is an example of the trend.

This year’s menu includes the popular ‘banger’, grilled cheese, served with a grilled chicken, onion, tomato and avocado.

Photo: Melissa Adams It is part of a wider trend for grilled cheese restaurants to serve more premium cheeses, with more expensive options including a £4 grilled cheese burger and a £10 grilled cheese pizza.

Photo by Melissa Adams The Grilled Gourmet menu is one example of what’s become an increasingly popular trend.

It is a trend which is being seen in a range of restaurants and eateries.

It’s part of the ‘gourmet burger’ movement and the grilled cheese is just one of many offerings.

The trend has seen restaurants around the country offer their own variations of grilled cheese and other options.

“We’ve had the same customers come to us since we opened the restaurant and it has become a huge hit,” Ms Stokes said.

“The grilled cheese has become something a lot of the other chefs around the city are trying to emulate.”

Ms Stoke said the popularity of grilled cheeses was partly driven by the food being served at the restaurant, but also the popularity around Grilled Gallery.

“When we opened in 2012, we didn’t have any concept of a grill, so the grilled cheeseburger was just a way of getting that grilled cheese on the menu,” she said.

Ms Stousts menu for Grilled Eats includes two items on the website – a grilled cheese steak and a grilled beef burger.

Photo credit: Melissa Arslanian/The Dominion Post A grilled cheese meal at Grillers.

Photo courtesy of “People love grilled cheese because it’s a good thing to have, and they’re also looking for something different and new.”

Ms Arslani said her restaurant had been approached by restaurants across Melbourne seeking to offer grilled cheese.

“It’s an idea that’s taken off quite a bit in Melbourne and it’s really cool to see this happening around the world,” she added.

“Grilled Cheese has been so successful in Melbourne, we’ve had two offers for a grilled cheesesteak that we’re now thinking about opening a cafe here.”

The Griller menu has since been taken over by a new menu that includes an array of different grilled cheese options.

Grilled Chicken & Chicken Wings served with grilled chicken and onion, grilled chicken breast, grilled cheese with pickled green onion, and grilled chicken salad.


Photo Credit: Melissa Stokes “We think that this is a fantastic opportunity to serve some of the freshest grilled cheesemaking around, with the goal of making people come back for more.”

A menu that has seen more chefs adopt the grilled food concept is the idea of the Grillie, which is a grill with cheese as a main ingredient.

Ms Arsmoor said she is excited to see restaurants take the concept and incorporate it into their menus.

“I think it’s great that we’ve seen a lot more chefs trying to get this on their menus, it’s certainly going to be a trend going forward,” she says.

“There are a lot chefs in the city that are working on this concept and the idea is there’s going to eventually be more chefs going to the grill to do this and that’s what we’re really excited about.”

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