Casa d’Antonio, Casa Venezia and Casa di Venezio are all in Serie A and the clubs are all owned by different individuals and groups, but the amount they pay for their players has never been as high as it is now.

The Italian Football Federation, however, is trying to change that.

The latest Serie A salary figures have been released, and in Serie B the figure for the 2012-13 season is €1.1m.

That’s €11.1million less than last season, but that’s still a significant amount of money, especially considering that the new CSL will be offering a total of €50million in salary in the first year of the new league.

In fact, the €2.5m increase in wages in the CSL is only the first step.

This season, the Serie B will be worth around €20m, which will increase the total value of the league by €6.2m.

This is a good start, especially when you consider that the Serie A is the only one where the league will only be running for 12 months.

The other new deal is a €5.7m raise in the amount that each Serie A club pays for its players.

In other words, the CSC will be able to offer €5m more for each of its players than it did last season.

However, this will only apply to the players who sign with the CSA, which means that even if a player signs for a new club he or she will only receive €3m more than last year.

This will have a positive effect on the players, as they’ll get a lot more money to spend on their personal accounts, but it will also make them more expensive.

The CSL owners will also have the opportunity to increase the salaries of the club’s other senior players.

As of next season, only Juventus, Roma and Napoli will have their own players in the top league, with Juventus receiving €4.2million, Roma €3.8m and Napolò€€€ Napoli €2m each.

These two new deals will also help to reduce the number of players left out of the first-team squad.

Last season, there were 22 players in Serie C that did not make it to the first team.

This year, there will be 20 players.

It is a change that has already had a negative impact on the quality of the squad, as the likes of Diego Costa, Gonzalo Higuain and Alessandro Nesta will have to leave, as will Andrea Pirlo, Federico Macheda and Andrea Barzagli.

The first-year contract for the Napoli players was a €1m increase from last season but they were also able to take the option to renew the deal with the Italian giants, so they can keep them for another season.

However, they will still receive a salary of €1,000,000 per month, which is still a little bit higher than last time.

The other two Serie C players, Giorgio Chiellini and Andrea Pienaar, will receive a €300,000 increase, but this will be less than the €1million increase in the salary they received last season due to the new rules.

The Italian FA, however will not be able change the rules for the CPL, which are set to be announced at the start of next month.

In the future, only the CFA will be allowed to change the salaries and transfer rules of the CCL, and they are currently negotiating the new contracts of the clubs involved.

The Serie C agreement, however could prove a very popular one with the public.

The increase in salaries and the increased number of games will make for a better spectacle and a much more exciting game for fans in the stadium.

If the fans of the other five Serie A clubs want to see a more exciting match, they can buy tickets to watch the CBL in person, which would increase the amount of matches played.

This would be a great boost to the Serie C teams, who have been struggling for results.

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