How to Use the Light on the “York” Arena, Light Fixtures The venue lights are located above the escalators at the Brooklyn Bowl and are a fixture in the city’s nightlife.

They’re an important part of the city, said Chris Gaffney, a spokesperson for the Brooklyn Biltmore Hotel, which manages the arena.

“They’re like the city of lights, they’re an integral part of nightlife, they help to make the arena a fun place to be,” he said.

The lighting at the arena is “a very big part of our business, and I think they’ve really taken advantage of that,” he added.

The Bilttermans are “very happy with it,” said Gaffneys partner, Matt McLean.

They’ve been there many times and there’s a lot of fans who come through, he said, and it’s a nice change of pace.

But it’s also been a hassle.

“The fans have been complaining about it,” he noted.

Gaffrey said the venue has been on lockdown since Thursday evening.

“It’s not been very good,” he explained.

The venue has only one escalator and two elevators to the venue, and the light fixtures are located at the side of the escalator.

A sign is posted at the front of the building, warning of the potential for fire hazards.

In the video above, the light fixture at the entrance to the arena shows an image of the Brooklyn skyline.

Gaffe and confusion The venue is one of the busiest venues in the country and has seen crowds of more than 30,000 since its opening in 2014.

It is one-third the size of the Manhattan Center in New York City, which has an estimated capacity of 2.2 million.

The Brooklyn Bowl is one the largest arenas in the United States and is one half of the Barclays Center, a three-story arena that opened in January 2019.

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