When the Gallery Wall was first installed, it had a black background, but now it has a black wall layout

Apple has installed a black theme on the Apple Store’s website.

The theme was initially designed to highlight the Apple logo, but the store now has a “Black” wall layout that features a black backdrop.

The Wall, which is being made available on the US store for an undisclosed price, was first unveiled on November 16, 2013, and features an Apple logo and “Black”, a black design.

The store has a Black wall layout.

It is unclear what the store’s black wall design is about, or whether Apple plans to add a black version to other stores.

The Apple Store currently has three different wall layouts available.

One is for Apple Watches, the other is for iPhones and the third is for iPads.

A Black wall is a design that highlights the Apple Watch’s logo.

The store also sells iPhones, so it is unclear if the Apple Watchers design will be available on its website as well.

Apple does not currently have a “white” or “black” wall, and neither does it have a single white wall on its site.

Apple does have two other wall layouts for its website, both of which have black backgrounds.

On one, a black textured background is shown over an Apple Watch logo.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Apple has previously displayed a black and white wall layout for its Apple Watch app, but this is the first time the store has used it.

Apple’s “Black and White” wall design on its iPhone store.

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