LA — The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department has opened a new collection of antique jewelry and accessories to be sold at the L.L.C.A.’s Los Angeles Country Club and Gallery.

The county will host the auction on Saturday, June 29 at 5:30 p.m.

The sale will be free to the public.

The auction is being hosted by L.CAG’s museum director, Richard N. Schmitt.

The LCAACG has held its last auction of jewelry in March.

The auction will include jewelry dating from 1879 to the mid-1930s.

The collection includes items such as jewelry from the late 1920s through the mid 1960s. 

In addition to the jewelry, the LCAACCG also will sell a collection of old-time carvings.

“It’s important to us to honor the history of the community,” said L.CAACGs director, Ron B. Kelleher.

“We hope that the community will be as excited as we were to get these items back to the LAC.”

A few items in the jewelry collection will also be on display at the auction, including items by the artist, George P. Pacheco.

Paches was one of the first artists to paint portraits of famous people, and he painted over thousands of portraits.

“It was a very special time in my life,” said Pachecolo, who died in 1990.

“I wanted to preserve the legacy of the artists who created the art in the 1930s and 40s.

It was just so important to me.”

Pachecolos paintings will be on view at the gallery.

A selection of items will also also be auctioned off, including a collection by the famed American artist, Ralph Nader.

Nader’s art is featured in the upcoming documentary, “The Birth of the Nation.”

“This is a wonderful opportunity for the community to share the memories of artists who have shaped their art and their lives through their works,” said B.J. Wilkerson, executive director of the LCCA.

“These items represent the artistry and artistry of the American artist and the people of L.

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