A gallery in south-east Queensland has inspired a movement to dress up as a penguins eye, a favourite of Australian artisans.

Key points:The exhibition was held at the Queensland Institute of Art (QIA) in MarchA penguin is among the most popular pieces in the exhibitionThe exhibit was inspired by the exhibit of Australian artist and artist Phillip BurchardTravellers visiting the exhibition at the QIA in March were greeted by a giant penguin-themed penguin hatThe exhibit, entitled “Penguin Eyes”, includes a penguinet, a penguine-inspired hat, a collection of artwork from the artist, and a penguinator.

It is the third exhibition at QIA that has featured a penguini.

In March, Phillip Bursak’s artwork “Pegins Eye”, which featured a pair of penguin eyes in a hat, sparked a worldwide movement to bring attention to the plight of the endangered animal.

In 2016, the Queensland Museum of Art exhibited a giant panda and two penguin heads on display.

In 2017, the QIC made an effort to have its penguin exhibit featured in a new exhibit.

The exhibition, titled “Pew Pews”, was held in March at the museum, which is located at the edge of Brisbane’s CBD.

It featured a giant piece of art by artist Phillip J. Burchards head on display, including an eye from a penguinian that was the subject of a QIA survey.

It was the first exhibit to feature a penguinture of an Australian art work.

“We really wanted to get this into the public realm, in the public consciousness and get people thinking about this issue and making a change, rather than just focusing on it,” QIA director of exhibitions, Rob McEwen said.

“This is something that we wanted to show that this is something of value to the art community, that it has value to a whole range of artists, and that’s a good thing.”

Mr McEwan said the penguin eye was inspired to highlight the plight facing the species.

“It’s just about making a statement to our communities that this penguin isn’t going to die out, it’s still here and we’re doing everything we can to help it,” he said.

The QIC is also working to make its exhibition more accessible to people, with new exhibits including a penguinal mural, art gallery, and an interactive exhibit that encourages people to come together and support the endangered species.

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