Disney World has been quietly preparing for a big wave of controversy as it prepares to open its new attraction, Paradise, in Florida.

Paradise, which is set to open in 2019, is billed as a theme park of the future that will include a “dance-friendly” attraction, and it will be the first “true” Disney World to open with a dance floor.

But many are concerned about how this is going to affect the park’s current and future guests.

The Paradise attraction, which will be part of Disney’s “Dining Experience” program, will have “a unique dance experience where guests will dance with Disney characters from the Disney movies and animated TV shows,” according to a press release.

Guests will be able to participate in the “Dance-Safe Dance Experience” on the grounds of the park, while guests will be “held up by a safety harness to experience the experience on the dance floor” according to the release.

But what about guests who are unable to dance on the premises?

That will be up to the park to decide.

Guests with disabilities will be accommodated in a separate room, with the “safety harnesses attached” for those guests who “may not be able walk or move freely.”

The “safety tethers” are part of a new safety measure for Disney’s entertainment park, according to ABC News.

While it’s possible that some guests will need to be moved by staff to avoid the safety tethers, Disney officials say that the park is making the decision to allow “a special group of guests who require assistance in dancing to be able enjoy the new Disney Paradise.”

The Paradise theme park, which opens March 1, 2019, will include: Guests will experience a “Dancing Experience” featuring characters from Disney movies, cartoons, and TV shows Guests will learn to perform dance moves, including the “Jingle Bell” dance, in an indoor area Guests will dance in an outdoor area in the park with Disney character characters, including a “Titanic” from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise Guests will participate in “Dances of the Seas” themed areas for “Dish” and “Dolphin Adventures” Guests will have the opportunity to participate “Diversions” including an underwater trip with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Guests will “live out their dreams” and see “The Little Mermaid” movie “Dunkirk” Guests can learn about “The Great Adventure” in the Adventureland Theme Park, including “Tiny Toons” The “Dive in the Water” experience is a new feature in the Paradise attraction where guests can dive in the water with Disney Disney characters.

Guests can swim, “dive in” or “dine out” of the attraction during a day, but will need a special swimsuit, a Disney Infinity “MagicBand,” and a “Disney Magic-branded towel.”

“Disney is committed to providing guests with an environment where they can enjoy the thrill of their imagination,” said a Disney spokesperson.

“The new Disney Gardens, with Disney Parks, will provide that opportunity.”

However, some guests who have disabilities have expressed concerns about the attraction’s new safety measures.

“My friend who has a learning disability was told he would not be allowed to dance, and had to wear a safety belt to get in the area, but the safety harnesses are attached and no one is being allowed to go in the areas where guests with disabilities can dance,” said Samantha Clements, a mother of three with autism.

“It is extremely difficult for me to understand why there are safety tether issues and no dancing at all.”

Disney World’s current safety protocols allow for some guests with developmental disabilities to enter the park without their safety harness, but they are not available to all guests, according the press release, and many guests with special needs have requested they be able wear the safety belts, according Disney.

While the safety protocols are in place to ensure the safety of all guests and staff, guests are concerned that they will have to “ride in the pool” and other attractions without their harness.

“I think this is a really, really, big deal,” said Clements.

“You want to make sure that the safety is always there, and not to put people who have special needs at risk.”

In addition, guests who cannot dance because they are unable or do not have a safety tether are not allowed to use a ride’s indoor areas, such as Splash Mountain, the park said in a press conference.

“Disneyland will not allow guests who can not dance due to their disability to enter Splash Mountain or the water area, because this is the only place that allows them to perform in a safe environment,” the statement said.

Guests who cannot be dancing due to a disability are required to wear an accessible, non-disruptive helmet and wristband, according.

According to Disney, it is “working with local medical providers to provide the most

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