With a population of over 12 million people in India, the island of Malabar is a unique gem of the Indian subcontinent.

But with its proximity to the Bay of Bengal, and a thriving tourist industry, the country has become known for its beaches and sandy shores.

So how do we create a beachside gallery for Malabars citizens to enjoy?

Well, we could use some of the funds from our annual tourism campaign to create such a gallery.

But first, let’s see how we can make this dream come true!

This gallery will showcase some of Malayan art and culture that will have a lasting impact on our communities.

It is an ambitious project and we are extremely grateful to the community that has chosen to participate in it.

The Art of Malavar will feature some of our most popular works of Malay art, and also some contemporary Malay films.

A selection of works will be on display, as well as a selection of films from our upcoming festival series, Malavamadri Film Festival.

The gallery will feature an assortment of murals that showcase Malay culture and architecture in an intimate setting.

The collection will be curated by Malay artist Dr. Naseer Shah, who has been exhibiting in Malabaris largest venues for over 10 years.

The Art of Mallahoor will also showcase a selection that will capture the imagination of Malamabar residents.

This project will also be presented at the opening of the festival, in a special exhibition titled Malavabar Culture, which will showcase local artists, including Malabarian artists.

This exhibit will showcase the work of local artists that will be showcased at the festival.

Malavar Art GalleryOpening Hours: Saturday, November 13, 10am-6pmSunday, November 14, 10:30am-4:30pm*Opening hours subject to change*Please visit the Facebook page to ensure the gallery is available at your time of visit.

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