The Sydney designer Z Gallerie has been named the 2017 Australian of the Years.

Key points:Z Gallerie won the award for a design in Melbourne’s CBDThe design was unveiled in Melbourne, with designer and fellow designer Daniel Koepp also namedThe award recognises the “influences, ideas and creativity of an Australian designer”The winner of the award, Z Galleries founder and managing director Daniel Koester, said the award was a “thank you” to the city’s design community.

“Z Galleries is a global leader in contemporary design, and its designers, artists and staff work tirelessly to inspire and enrich the lives of people across the world,” he said.

“The work of our team is truly inspirational and is a powerful reminder of how we can all play a part in shaping the future.”

Z Galliers Melbourne headquarters.

Z Galleria is located at 16th and Main streets in the heart of Melbourne’s Victorian CBD.

The winner was announced on Wednesday night, and the ceremony was broadcast live on YouTube.

The announcement was preceded by a video featuring the designer and designer Daniel on stage.

“We were proud to win this award,” he told the crowd.

“It was the most meaningful award I have ever received.

It was a wonderful honour.”

The winner is the first of three awards the Sydney-based designer received.

The other two are for a portfolio and design of a restaurant, and a book.

Z has won two other awards in recent years: a design for a new store in Sydney’s CBD, and an apartment building.

It has also won a number of international awards including the prestigious Design in a Century award for the Melbourne headquarters of the Z Group.

The Z Galleria store is a modern-style, four-storey building with a rooftop terrace and rooftop cafe, along with a cafe on the roof.

“To win the Design in the Century award is a very significant achievement for us,” said Mr Koesner.

“This award recognisably marks our involvement in a large part of Melbourne City’s architecture and the transformation of its core.”

The Z Gallery has won other design awards for its work, including for a book and a painting by the Dutch artist Bert Kooijmans.


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