A Starbucks store in a mall with no coffee bar and no cash register is a bit like a lost cause for most people, but it’s exactly what the Galleria is. 

It’s the second mall in California to have its coffee shop, the other being the Galleroom in San Francisco. 

The Galleria opened on January 16, and it will be the first mall in the country to have a coffee shop. 

“The Gallerobe opened up in 2020, and in the first five years we have over 700 people walk in here, and we’ve sold over 10 million cups of coffee,” said Mark Mascarelli, co-owner of the Gallerivet. 

“[They’ve] sold more than 10 million bags of coffee and it’s the fastest growing coffee shop in the world.”

The Gallerie is a coffee roasting and distribution hub. 

According to the Gallerie website, the store is a “global leader in the global coffee industry”, and it has been selling its own coffee for over five years. 

Coffee from Starbucks is sold to over 100 cafes in the US, and Mascareslli said he had to go to coffee shops all over the country in order to stock the coffee.

“We have been selling it in a store, we have a shop on the second floor, but now we have coffee shops that we’re able to serve on the first floor,” he said. 

Mascaresci said the Gallery is a popular location for customers to get a quick cup of joe, as well as a place to grab a quick bite and then go back to the cafe to get another cup of coffee. 

As for the cafe itself, Mascadeski said the coffee shop has been around for over 30 years and is now closed. 

When it opened, the Galleries was the first store in the state to sell espresso. 

However, that changed in 2017, and Starbucks announced it would not be making espresso anymore, instead offering it in cups of tea and milk. 

Today, the cafe is sold out of espresso, and there is only a limited amount of the drink left in the store. 

While the Galleriobe doesn’t have a full espresso bar, it does have a Starbucks-style espresso machine. 

I asked Mark Mabresi if he would be interested in the cafe’s other coffee items, such as cappuccino, cappellini and iced coffee.

“Absolutely, we will have that,” he replied.

 He did say that if there is a special occasion, he would love to have some iced cappella, but he’s been busy.

“I would like to get one of the coffee cups, but I am busy.

It’s not as busy as it used to be, and I have to deal with the traffic,” he added. 

If you are in the area, I suggest checking out the new the new and the glendale mall in California, as both stores have coffee.

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