I was so excited to get my hands on a pair of rose-themed jewelry at the Roseville Galleria mall this past weekend.

I mean, this is exactly the sort of jewelry that I want my kids to wear when they go to the mall! 

But I was really, really disappointed in how the jewelry came out. 

I bought a few of the bracelets and necklaces from the Roseville Galleries mall and then headed back to my local craft store. 

While the rings I got looked like they were pretty, the jewelry actually wasn’t really that different.

I ended up spending about $50 on the bracelet and necklace and the other jewelry, and I have no idea what I would’ve spent on the necklace if I’d been able to find it online. 

This is especially true considering I’ve only spent about $40 on jewelry for my kids. 

The bracelets I purchased didn’t come with a clasp or a clasp hook, so I had to find a way to attach the bracelet to my wrist. 

That’s when I found the perfect thing to do. 

If you’re in the market for a new bracelet or necklace, here’s what you need to know about these cute little pieces: 1.

What are the Rose Garden bracelets? 

Rose Garden bracelet: You’re looking at a faux-brass necklace with a rose on it. 

What you’re looking for is the rose-colored faux-straw. 


What do you get for $50? 

A rose-filled faux-lace. 

How cute is that? 

I really like that it looks like a necklace, but I would have loved a clasp. 


How did you find these rose- colored faux-laces? 

It’s not a difficult process.

I purchased a couple of the Rose Gardens bracelets from Rose Gardens and then assembled them together in my sewing kit. 

Once I got everything assembled, I just stacked them on the end of a string and taped them to my necklace. 


Are the braceles made of metal? 

Yes, they are. 


Is there a ring attached to the bracelet? 

No. 6.

Can you attach it to your neck? 

Unfortunately, the bracelet doesn’t have a ring on it, but the clasp hook will work. 


Are there any other accessories to buy? 



How do you keep them from getting dirty? 

You can simply wrap a thin film of water around the bracelet, but it’s a little messy. 


How long do they last? 

The Rose Garden brands can be found at Rosegarden.com, at the Rose Valley Mall, and at the Ardmore restaurant and the Mall and a number of other stores. 


How much will it cost? 



How many colors are there? 

2 Rose garden bracelet: $50 Rose gardens bracelet: Rose gardens bracelet : $25 Rose garland bracelet: $35 Rose bracelet with rose-fill: 2$35 Rose bracelet with flower: 5$50 Rose bracelet without flower: $75 Rose necklace:  $15 Rose necklace:  $20 Rose ring:  3 Rose rings: 3 Rose-filled ring: $30 Rose jewelry: Rose beads: 6 Rose gemstones: Gold, Diamond, Silver, Ruby, Sapphire, Sapphire-quartz, Emerald, Topaz, Papaya, Black Rose gems: Black, Blue, Pink, Red, Green, Yellow, Yellow-quark, Orange, Yellow Rose stones: Emery, Blue Rosestone: Ruby, Sapphire Rosestones:   Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond Roseware: Flowers Rosewares: Cotton, Cotton Candy, Tampons Roselots: Plastic Rose wands: Lips, Eye Drops, Lipsticks, Lipglosses, Shampoo Rose candles: Blends, Candles Rose candies: Chocolate, Sugar, Cookies Rose jars: Candles, Baking Rose plates: Seeds, Breads, Soups, Pasta Rose cups: Baking, Coffee, Cookies, Pastas Rose pans: Pasta, Baked goods, Pastries, Pastry boxes Rose bouquets: Tea, Tea accessories, Candies, Lingerie Rose bars: Snacks, Bars, Bottles  Rose candles:  Tea Rose accessories: Rose candie:

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