This week’s hot topic: getting your hair cut.

When we spoke to the founder of the haircare startup Haircutr, Chris Taylor, last week, he had already started the process of getting his hair cut by the guy he was hoping to woo: his girlfriend, Ashley.

“I had a conversation with my girlfriend about a haircut, and she said, ‘What would it take to get it done?’

And I was like, ‘It’d take like a razor.'”

Taylor told us that the process was not a straight razor, but rather a razor with a special blade, which he would use to cut off his hair.

“I actually got this guy from Craigslist, and he just came out of a bathroom and he was like ‘Oh, I have to get my hair cut with this razor,'” Taylor said.

Haircutr had already been around for a few years before Taylor’s girlfriend and her friends came along.

“They had been talking about the haircut for a while,” Taylor said, “and we just kind of fell into it.”

The razor itself is made of stainless steel and is coated in an oil-based hair gel.

To get a good shave, the company recommends using a soft, lightweight razor, and then applying a soft gel that’s slightly sticky to the skin.

“It’s like you’re shaving off the excess skin,” Taylor explained.

“And then you apply a gel, and you just have this big, big brush that’s just blowing out the gel and all that, and it’s all the hair you can see.

And the hair is like, a little bit more shiny.”

Once the hair gel is applied, the hair can then be shaved with a soft razor, or a standard razor, with a slight twist to get a nice clean shave.

“The whole point is to get rid of that hair smell,” Taylor told us.

“That’s why the whole product is so different from a traditional razor, because it’s not a shaving brush.”

The company’s product has been on the market for a little over a year, and has sold over 1 million units so far.

Taylor believes that the product will ultimately become more widely available.

“You can get a razor, you can get any brush, and we want people to go back to having that shave, you know?” he said.

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