Art Gallery of Illinois celebrates 50 years of work with ‘The Little Shop’ exhibition

Chicago art galleries are celebrating their 50th year of serving as a hub for art and culture.

On Thursday, Chicago Art and Design Association (CADA) announced the selection of the Little Shop in the Windy City, a project from artist John Deutsch, as the official exhibit of the Chicago Art Institute.

The installation, called The Little Shop, will open to the public March 25, 2019.CADC Executive Director Richard Mottoski said the installation represents the city’s growing relationship with artists, with “great diversity and depth” in its mix of artists.

He noted the installation’s theme of “The Little Book” — a reference to the book of the same name that the Little Book was based on.

“The Little School of Art” also reflects the “community spirit” of Chicago, Mottaski said.

Art Gallery of Chicago (AAC) Chairman Scott McNeil said the Little School will be a “huge asset to the city,” and the exhibition’s goal is to provide “the world a place where artists can show what they do best.”

“We’re just trying to provide a place for people to see what’s out there,” he said.

The Little Art Gallery opened in 1974 and is a national leader in the field of art exhibitions.

The Chicago-based museum is home to the world’s largest collection of works by contemporary artists.

The exhibition will be curated by John Deisch, whose work has been exhibited in the Chicago Museum of Art and the New York Academy of Sciences.

Deutsch is best known for his “Little Shop” pieces, which range from paintings and sculptures to sculptures, prints and ceramics.

His pieces often depict people of color, such as black women, who are seen as “little shopkeepers.”

The installation is one of three projects Deutsch will work on in 2018.

The second is a three-part exhibition called The Unconscious.

This is a collection of portraits of women of color that are “transformed and turned into something completely new,” said Mottonski.

The third, which is part of the museum’s “Art of Life” program, will be Deutsch’s third-period installation “The Painted Face.”

Deutsch has painted portraits of black women that have become objects of art, including one of a woman who appeared in a popular painting from 1969.

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