It’s a tough question to answer, but I’m going to assume that the majority of people who go to the store to buy a vinyl will be able to tell you that this year’s new albums will be on sale.

It’s easy to see why.

We already have a new album in our collection, but this year will be a great year for vinyl.

And the vinyl industry is booming.

There’s a lot of good new music coming out, and you’re going to see a lot more from indie-leaning artists.

Plus, there are plenty of cool releases from top labels like Sony and Universal Music.

But what about some of the albums that we’ve been dying to get our hands on?

Here are the albums we think will sell out the most.1.

My Love Will Travel With Me by Lace, Sway and Stray Cats2.

Blue Lips by Tame Impala3.

What We Do by The Killers4.

One by Lady Gaga5.

A Perfect Circle by The Weeknd6.

Love Is All I Can Do by Katy Perry7.

Born This Way by Grimes8.

The Good Life by The xx9.

My Hero by Katy Beck10.

All The Rage by The Chainsmokers1.

Sway And Stray Cat – My Love will Travel With You (Lace, Stray Cats & Lace)A big thanks to everyone who took the time to send us this great news.

We hope you’ve had an awesome holiday and a good one, and thanks to the vinyl community for sharing it with us.

We know that the vinyl experience is going to be a huge part of your shopping trip next year.2.

S.O.S. – My Lips (Laces, S.o.

S)Lace are one of the best selling bands of 2018, but the vinyl version of their album S.oS. is on sale for only $10.

It features an all-star lineup of Lace’s best friends: Dolly Parton, Tasha Baxter, and Thee Oh Sees.

They’re back with a vinyl version on June 20.

Lace are also releasing a vinyl limited edition with their newest single, I See You, and it’s going to retail for $30.3.

Stray Lips – What We Are (Lacoste, The Lighthouse)Stray Lits are a new band from Philadelphia that’s coming off their first official full-length album, The Light, which dropped earlier this year.

The band will release a limited-edition vinyl album on June 27.4.

The Light – What we Are (The Lighthouse, The Lights)A new full-album release by Stray and The Lighthouses, the band’s third album in eight years.

The album features a full-band live performance, live-tape recording, and two bonus tracks.5.

The Ladders – Born This Very Way (Lamps, Ladders)Lamps released their first full-on album, A Light in the Sky, in 2017, and the band is coming back with their third full-release, A Ladders to Sky.

The LP is available now for $5 on vinyl and digital.6.

A Ladder – Born this Way (The Lights, Lights)Stems are a duo that formed in 2014 in New York City.

They play a lot with a heavy, synth-driven sound, and are releasing a new full LP on June 7.7.

Ladders To Sky – A Lods to Sky (The Stars, Stars)The Stars have been around for seven years now, and they’ve been around longer than most bands.

They released their debut full-sized album, I Have a Dream, in 2018.8.

Lights – What I See (Stems, Lights, Stems)Light are an American indie rock band from Portland, Oregon.

Their new album, Light, is available on vinyl for $12.9.

Lights And Stems – What To Do Now (Stem, Stem)Stem released their third album, How To Move Forward, in 2014, and now they’re taking a new approach with their next album, This Is Not My Moment.

The new album features five songs, three of which are exclusive to vinyl.10.

Stem – My Hero (Stesem, Heroes)Stesems are one half of a trio who formed in 2006.

The group released their fourth full-size album, What You Know Now, in 2011.11.

Heroes – Light (Stersem, Light)Stersems are another half of the trio, but they’re also a full band.

They have a lot going on with their new album Light, and fans can buy it for $18.12.

Heroes, Stsem & Stsems – I Can Hear You (Sts

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