The iconic ‘Gagosian Gallery’, which sits atop the famous Galleria Hotel, has a reputation as one of the most cosmopolitan of its kind in the world.

Now, hotel owners have taken matters into their own hands by creating a new hotel called the ‘Crazy Hilton’ – complete with its own theme park.

The hotel opened in January and features a number of quirky, contemporary and vintage touches, including a restaurant called ‘The Fishbone’.

The hotel is now open for booking.

Hotel owner and owner of the Crazy Hilton, Andrew Chiu, says the theme park concept is a good fit for the building.

“I think it’s a good place to bring people into the building because there are so many things going on around the hotel,” Mr Chiu said.

“It’s just a place for people to come and have a fun time.”

The Crazy Hilton hotel, built to hold 10,000 guests, will open in January 2019.

Guests can access the park through the “Gagoosian” door, which is open 24 hours a day.

The Hilton hotel will also feature a new outdoor food court and “Gagosia” garden, as well as a “Crazy Room” which houses themed rooms, games, drinks and more.

The “Crazys” room has “fancy bedding” and “cutesy decor” that “seems to be from the late 1800s”, Mr Chiang said.

The themed rooms have a large dining room, two separate “gags” rooms, a “Gadget Room” with “cute and quirky” toys, and a “Turtle Room”.

Guests will be able to enter the theme area through a giant, glass door.

“We want guests to feel like they’re in a different world and we’ve got a whole bunch of things going around that they can see and experience,” Mr Chang said.

Guests will also be able access “the Crazy Room” and the “Candy Room” through the giant glass door that opens out into the “gagosia” room.

“In the Crazy Room, there’s all sorts of little things that you can go in there and experience with your friends,” Mr Chung said.

There are “toys, plush toys, games” and other “fun stuff”.

The hotel also has a “pigsty room” for guests to relax in.

Guests have the option to visit the “pink room”, where guests can hang out and watch a live feed from the “candy room”, as well.

Guests are also able to get a “Piggyback ride” and a tour of the “Pigeon House” – an indoor area that “cares for” animals.

Guests “can go down there and watch some of the animals,” Mr Cheng said.

One “coyote” that can be found inside the “belly of the house” can be seen playing in the “park”.

Guests can also watch a “cuddle” with a “mama bear” and another “cobra”.

“There are animals in the park that are very friendly,” Mr Koh said.

Guest rooms will cost $250 per night.

The Crazy Hotel is currently the only hotel in the Houston area that offers a theme park experience.

The first phase of the hotel’s $30 million construction is currently under way.

The venue is expected to open in the spring of 2019.

“The Crazy Hilton is a truly exciting addition to our hotel portfolio,” Mr Chou said.

“[The hotel] will offer guests a place to relax and socialise in a new and unique environment, while enjoying the best in Houston entertainment,” Mr Chow said.

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