When the Houston Galleria Hotel and Casino became a real-life superhero movie, it helped usher in a new era of hotel tourism

Houston, TX –  Houston, Texas – July 10, 2021 –  The Houston Galleries Hotel and the other hotels in the Hilton Garden Inn and Marriott Marquis hotels will soon be offering guests a new option to enjoy a night out: The VIP Room. 

According to the Houston Chronicle, the VIP Room will be a new feature at all of the hotels in both the Hilton and Marriott brands, as well as in the rest of the Hilton brand, that guests can access for $25 per night, per room.

The new feature is part of the hotel’s effort to make the hotel more accessible to guests who might not normally be able to get to the hotels.

“This is going to help make our hotel even more inviting to guests,” Houston Gallery executive director John Cappellini told the Houston Post.

Cappellinus said the new VIP Room is designed to accommodate up to four guests, as long as they’re in a hotel room with a private bathroom.

The VIP Rooms will be available to stay for as long or as little as the hotel has room.

For example, if guests are staying at the Hilton, the hotel may not offer guests more than two VIP Rooms, while at the Marriott, the rooms may be limited to two VIP rooms per person per night.

Cordially, Cappellei told the Chronicle, “If you’re going to do something like that, you have to make sure it’s a fun, fun experience for the guests.

We have to keep it as easy and as safe as possible for everyone.”

Cappelleis added that the hotel will be opening up VIP Rooms to other hotel guests, who will be able select from three rooms per room to enjoy.

As you may know, there are now so many ways to go to Houston.

Some hotels, like the Hilton Gardens and the Marriott Marquises, offer guests the opportunity to get a discount on their hotel stay with a single-room-per-night ticket.

Others, like Hilton Garden, offer discounted rooms for as little or as much as $25, per night for the VIP room. 

The Hilton Garden in particular is taking advantage of this, as it recently began offering a discounted VIP Room to guests in the Holiday Inn Express.

The Hilton Garden’s VIP Rooms are currently priced at $24 per night per room, per person, with a two-night minimum stay.

If you want to stay longer, you can get up to a $100 per night discount for the entire night.

Other hotels in Houston have also been offering discounted rooms to guests as well, like The Sheraton, the Hilton Houston, and the Grand Houston.

Cappelini said that Hilton Garden is also looking into a new way for guests to experience the hotel.

“We’re going in a different direction and trying to give our guests something different,” he said.

“It’s a new concept, and we’re trying to keep everything in the same place.

We want to be a destination hotel, so we’re working on how we can offer the best experience for our guests.”

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