Posted April 11, 2018 07:29:22 It is estimated that between 2 and 3 million people a year die as a result of heart disease, according to a study.

A mattress can help.

“I would be very interested to see if they are using a mattress in a bedside manner, for example, in a hospital or hospice, to try and keep people alive,” Professor Andrew Bowers, who conducted the study, said.

A study found that while beds provide much of the comfort a person requires, the cost of keeping them in place can be significant.

Professor Andrew Rains, who led the study with his wife, said it was important for people to be aware of the costs associated with a bed, including medical bills, lost wages and loss of productivity.

“We can’t just put it on a shelf or put it in a drawer, we have to think about how much of that is actually for the bed, and how much is for the furniture, and where the furniture is on the bed,” Professor Rains said.

“And we have got to think very carefully about whether that mattress should be kept on the mattress or whether it should be put in a cupboard or something else that is out of reach.”

Professor Rairs said the study was based on an online survey, and his results suggested the cost savings could be considerable.

“What we found was that the cost per mattress is about a third of the cost that it would cost to put the mattress in the same room that the bed is on,” he said.

The mattress could also help with sleep apnea and respiratory distress.

Professor Rashes study also showed that, in some instances, mattresses could be better than beds in terms of keeping people alive.

For instance, when people were sleeping on their beds, their body heat could be absorbed more effectively.

“You can get that heat right through to the mattress and back out through the mattress,” Professor Bowers said.

While a mattress might be good for the environment, Professor Bairs said it would be better for a person if it was not used.

“If you are sitting on your sofa or on a bed with a mattress that is not going to keep you warm, you are going to get more cold,” Professor Fords said.

Professor Fairs said people who were sleeping outdoors should consider using a chair, rather than a mattress.

He said people should also consider purchasing a second mattress, rather then using a bed that was already there.

“There are people who do have two beds and one mattress, and they may find that that one mattress is a little too heavy,” Professor Jain said.

‘We’re all on our own’ Prof Rains’ study found the most cost-effective way to keep a mattress off the bed was to keep it off the mattress itself.

“People are probably thinking, ‘I’m just going to have to get out of bed and do this or that’, and they are not thinking that there’s another way that could be cheaper,” Professor Clements said.

When mattresses are stored in a room, they can become uncomfortable, and when the mattress is used it can absorb a lot of heat.

“The way that you store a mattress is to make sure that the mattress that you put on the floor is not too warm, is not damp, is in a place where it will not get too hot or cold, is very dry, and is very cool,” Professor Dains said

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