How did a woman who is accused of stealing more than $3 million from a family become a national treasure?

Courtesy of Stonewall, a memorial art gallery that opened in downtown Fresno, California, in 2013, a woman named Kristin has earned the ire of some of Fresno’s citizens for years for the theft of nearly $3.5 million from her own family over a span of five years.

But now, with a series of high-profile court cases and a new sheriff in town, Stonewalls popularity has exploded, with more than 7,000 people visiting the gallery each week.

And while Stonewalla has a history of stealing from others, this is the first time Kristin, who goes by “Tara,” has been accused of taking the money.

In fact, Stroudall’s first case was in 2008, when Kristin was arrested for a different alleged theft.

In her lawsuit, Kristin claims that the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department and the Fresno Police Department made false statements to her about what happened to her money, and that they then tried to seize the stolen property from her.

“It is a sad and disturbing state of affairs that the Sheriff’s Office would take this money and not give it back to the victim, Tara,” the lawsuit states.

In addition to her lawsuit against the Fresno Sheriff’s department, Kristen also sued her former employer, the Stonewalling Family Funeral Home, alleging that her claims were unfounded and that she was treated like a criminal.

The Stonewalled Family Funerals website, which is owned by, said in a statement that it is cooperating with the police investigation.

Kristin’s lawyer, Mark Lauer, said he was not able to comment on the Stansall case.

“We are awaiting further information on the allegations against Tara,” Lauer said in an email to BuzzFeed News.

“Trayvon Martin was the victim of a hate crime, and the case was prosecuted accordingly.

I do not know if the information is accurate, but the facts surrounding this matter are being investigated and we are cooperating with authorities.”

Lauer also said the Stroudalls story has not gone away.

“The Stonewally’s have been using Kristin as a political pawn to smear her in the media,” he said.

“I am hoping that she gets the message that she can’t take this lying down.

We are trying to keep the story alive.”

The Stroudals lawsuit also alleges that StonewALL was responsible for the death of another woman named Dontae, who died in a Fresno County jail cell in 2011.

The lawsuit claims that Stroudalling made false allegations against the woman’s family and that the woman was subsequently denied visitation rights and treatment.

Stroudaling’s attorney, William W. Bader, told BuzzFeed News that the lawsuit was brought in part to try to keep Kristin out of the funeral home and not in the Fresno coroner’s office.

“She’s a very good attorney,” Bader said.

Kristen has not responded to our requests for comment.

According to court documents, Kristins parents, who are deceased, were forced to live in the Staunall home until she was 16.

The documents state that Kristin did not graduate from high school until she turned 18, and her mother was unable to pay for the rent because she is disabled.

When she was in college, Kristind’s father died, and she went on a hunger strike in protest of her lack of money.

According the lawsuit, when she became a student at Fresno State, Kristie began stealing from the funeral homes to pay the bills.

She was caught by police and charged with burglary, which led to her arrest in 2011, which she says was in retaliation for her protests against Stonewallas actions against her parents.

According, the charges were later dismissed.

Kristind has claimed that she is the victim in this case.

“According to Kristi, she was arrested at her mother’s funeral on December 14, 2013, and Kristi and her family were not allowed to see her mother, but Kristi was able to visit her mother at her burial on January 18, 2014. “

“A few weeks later, Kristina and Kristind Stroudaall were indicted by the Fresno District Attorney’s Office for stealing $10,000 from the Stawnalls Funeral home.” “

Kristi says that the Stawls were never charged in her death. “

A few weeks later, Kristina and Kristind Stroudaall were indicted by the Fresno District Attorney’s Office for stealing $10,000 from the Stawnalls Funeral home.”

Kristi says that the Stawls were never charged in her death.

In the lawsuit filed against the funeral homeowners, Kristinn’s father also claims that Kristi Stroudalo is

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