PIEHADHIN, Ireland — The owners of a tattoo shop in Dublin have launched a new business to help people with disabilities find a new love.

The Fine Art of Haircut Tattoo in Paradise Gardens, a tattoo parlour with a focus on tattoos, is one of three new businesses to open in Ireland in the past year, along with the shop at the centre of the recent controversy.

“Our goal is to provide a place for people who are having difficulty finding love to have the confidence to have a healthy relationship with their bodies and to not feel isolated,” said PIEHTAN founder and CEO Paddy Pheasant.

“It’s not just about getting a tattoo on the face, it’s about being able to connect with others and being able do things that they’re not sure are possible.”

We’ve done this for a while now but we’re finally getting to a place where we can do it with a little more care.

“The company’s first two locations in Dublin were closed earlier this year, after a spate of attacks against tattooists.

The new shop at Paradise Gardens is located on the corner of King Street and Temple Street.

The first shop opened on December 14, 2016 and the second on January 4, 2017.”

There were a few people that came in and said they wanted to start the business but then they were told they had to move because they couldn’t work at the shop anymore,” said owner Paddy.”

A couple of people that were doing a lot of tattoos at the time said they’d never been to Paradise Gardens before, so we didn’t have a whole lot of space.

“Now we have four locations all across the city.”

The first of the new shops, in Paradise Garden, opened on January 2.

The second opened on April 4.

PIE HTAN will also be opening a second shop at an adjacent location.

All three locations offer a range of services including an array of tattooing services including nail, hair and body art, plus personal care.

All the shops have signed up to the National Society of Tattoo Artists and the Irish Tattoo Alliance.

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