The next big thing for malls is to create one without a mall, but not everyone can do that.

That’s where the mall concept comes in. 

“The problem with a mall is that the place is there for one purpose,” explains Mallen, “and it’s to provide a place where people can come together for entertainment, but you can’t really put the entertainment in.”

The mall concept has been around for decades, and it’s one of the most successful ideas in recent history.

Its success has made it a staple of malls around the world.

But its roots are in the 19th century.

“Mall” as we know it is not a brand name or even a nickname.

Mallen and his colleagues at the University of Texas have used the word for decades to describe a series of small retail shops.

The concept was created by James L. Mallin, a real estate broker who was a member of the American Planning Association in 1893.

Mallins idea was to set up a series, which would be open 24 hours a day, with different stores for different types of shoppers.

The idea was simple: You could have a great store for people that like to buy things, and then a store for folks that like shopping at different times.

Mallin called his concept “the mall.”

In fact, his name is so ubiquitous today that you can see it spelled as Mallen’s, but it’s spelled differently in some places.

Malles concept also has its origins in New York City, where the first malls opened in 1886.

But Mallen says the mall was originally conceived in the mid-1800s, in England.

 “It was originally a concept for the first store in London,” he says.

A mall was not yet a concept that could be replicated anywhere, Mallen explains.

It was something that was only available in a small number of places, in a city.

So Mallen started to explore other ideas for the concept.

In 1900, Mallin started to think about other places in the world that could use the concept, and he decided to build a large shopping mall in New Jersey.

“He went to his local newspaper and asked if he could use it as a model,” Mallen recalls.

“And they said, ‘Sure, sure, we’d love to use it.'”

The concept Mallen developed was so successful that he quickly expanded the concept to include stores for other types of people.

And he thought of malls as a place that people could go to and shop, without actually being there.

It was the beginning of what Mallen called a “distributed shopping mall.”

It was a store that would have locations in different places that people would go to for different things.

When he came up with this concept in New England, he was already working on what would become the mall in London.

But when Mallin moved to New York, he started to use the name “Mall.”

“Malls were originally created to be a place for people to congregate and spend time,” he explains.

“Now they’re an opportunity for people, for business, for leisure, for social activities, and for recreation.”

The idea of a mall can be traced back to a 17th century English architect, who named the concept the “mall,” which means “one place” in Old English.

The mall was intended to be the place people would gather, he explained.

One of the first stores in New Hampshire was built in 1835.

But the mall had only a handful of stores in it, because the first ones had to be sold by hand.

But the concept Mallin came up to was to create another, smaller store, with an even bigger selection of products, that people were able to walk in and buy from.

He was successful, but there were problems with the idea.

New York was not ready to adopt the concept of the mall.

The city didn’t have the necessary infrastructure to keep up with all the people who would use it.

And Mallen had to start thinking outside the box.

So he turned to the Internet.

By the early 1900s, he had a company in New Zealand called Mallen Goods, which started producing shopping carts and store fronts.

Eventually, Mallanews, the brand name Mallen was born.

There was also another company called Mallin Goods, in London, that created the concept mall in that country.

These companies had been able to create malls in New Orleans and elsewhere, but they were still in the process of building a similar shopping mall, with a much bigger store space, in New South Wales.

They did this by going to the public and telling people that they were building a shopping mall and that it would be the best in the country.

They also promised that they would create a brand that people will associate with a shopping experience.

As they were doing all of this, they were able, Mall

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