AUGUST 15, 2019 – 8:04:30A lot of movie theaters have been closed in California for the winter months, but this weekend will be different.

In fact, there will be only two locations on the west coast where you will be able to see the latest release of the year, The Martian.

In Los Angeles, there are only three theaters that will be open for the weekend.

At the AMC Theatres on Sunset Boulevard and Hollywood Boulevard, the Warner Bros. theater is holding its summer blockbusters, and will be the only one that is open.

At the AMC Lincoln Square in the heart of Hollywood, the chain will be showing a new film on its outdoor screens, the new film from the director Ridley Scott and his collaborators, David Michod and Jonathan Glazer.

The film, The Nun, was released in theaters in the summer of 2016.

At Lincoln Square, which has been closed since early July due to the threat of the winter storms, the movie will be shown in a specially constructed theater.

It is scheduled to open in theaters on Thursday.

The New York Film Festival will be holding its first screening of The Nun on Wednesday.

It will be followed by screenings of all five of the new films from Scott’s crew, including the latest installment in the Martian saga.

Scott’s directorial debut, The Revenant, is slated to be screened in theaters from Sunday to Friday.

The Martian, a thriller set in the harsh future of Mars, is set for the same date.

Theaters will close on July 17, but there are a few things you can do to get the best possible view.

Here are a handful of things you should do this weekend to get a great view of all the big screen releases:Follow these tips to make sure you have a good view of the big screens in the West Coast:Make sure you’re able to get to the theater in person.

Most of the screens are available online.

If you don’t live in Los Angeles or Pasadena, you should head out to the west side of the city, where you can still watch the movies on the big blockbusters.

At The Westin, you can watch all of the releases on a big screen.

If the movies are showing on a giant screen, like the big ones at the AMC AMC Lincoln square, theres a good chance you’ll be able get to a good viewing spot for a movie.

Theres an excellent website that has great information about viewing the big releases in the Los Angeles area.

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