In December, Chicago artist Gabrielle DeSouza and her husband announced that they would leave their apartment and head to the countryside to paint.

They did not, however, plan to stay long.

“We’ve been going to art shows and events for about two years now, and our biggest inspiration is the art world,” she told The Guardian.

“But the reality is, we feel it is time for us to move.

It’s just not a practical way to live anymore.

We’re in this crazy business and we have no choice.”

In the meantime, DeSoulas will be heading to Europe, where she has recently found work in art exhibitions.

DeSoubas said she found that her career was in danger as she faced eviction from her apartment.

“In the beginning of December, we realized we would be leaving the apartment,” she said.

“It’s hard, because we can’t even get a window.

We can’t get in.

It is the only thing that we can afford to leave.”

DeSombe says her career is in danger The couple are among several artists who have found their work threatened by the Trump administration’s policy of “extreme vetting” for visitors to the US.

The ban has drawn criticism from international artists, who fear it will lead to the deportation of artists and their artworks, as well as limit their ability to pursue their own artistic pursuits.

The policy has also led to artists being forced to leave their home countries in search of work.

In December 2015, for example, Brazilian artist Ricardo Martins de Sousa and his wife, Luiz Sousas de Souda, moved from Brazil to the United States to live with their two children.

After two months in California, they were evicted.

“I feel that I am the only one left in this world,” DeSousa said.

He is also among the many artists in Chicago who are struggling to stay in the city, fearing they will be barred from returning to their home country.

“If the president says I have to go, I will go,” said DeSouda.

“There is no other choice.

But I don’t know what will happen.

The whole situation is just very dangerous.”

The Trump administration has not yet made a final decision on their fate, but it has threatened to take away the artists’ residency and stop the collection of their work from being brought into the US for up to two years.

De Sousase and Soudas say that their work is already protected under the Constitution’s First Amendment.

“The US Constitution guarantees us the right to freedom of expression,” De Soudais said.

The Trump’s administration has already faced criticism for its policies towards the art market.

The President’s recent decision to bar the entry of Chinese artists was met with condemnation from international art critics, who say the move is an attempt to punish China for its anti-American stance.

The move has also drawn criticism for the Trump’s immigration policies.

“Trump is targeting foreign art dealers and artists, and the decision to restrict them from the United State is an outrageous and counterproductive response to the rising global threat of global terrorism,” said Sarah Denton, president of the Art Publishers Association.

“To say that a President is trying to silence the artists in his sights is outrageous.

We hope the Trump Administration will reconsider this decision.”

The couple says they have received support from local artists, but hope to have their work removed from the White House gallery in the coming months.

“My message to the White Palace is, ‘Don’t touch this place,'” De Soseas said.

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