How to make the perfect ‘Z’ art piece for the Zodiac Day celebration

The Zodiac is celebrating its 40th birthday this year and a few lucky individuals are getting a chance to take part in the festivities.

A few months back, the iconic sign was given a big makeover with new designs, colors and even a name, but the original Zodiac was never finished and has not been updated in 50 years.

The Zodiac has traditionally been known as ‘the sign that tells the day’ but this year, it is now known as the ‘sign that tells you the day’.

The Z-Day festival in New Delhi has been going for almost 60 years, which means the Z-Days have seen a major change in the past couple of decades.

A year ago, the Zendaya family had to cancel their planned visit to India because of health issues.

Now, the event is coming to New Delhi to celebrate the festival with a full show of the original artwork.

The festival also has a number of other special events that are not only meant to honour the zodiac but also showcase the art of zoos, art galleries and artists who have participated in the zoos over the years.

According to a report in the Times of Indian, the artistes who have worked with the zendaya have been working on the ZL-1 version for the past five years and have put a lot of effort in the process.

The latest zodiac update comes just days before Zendara will unveil its new release ‘Z-1’ – a limited edition of 50,000 copies, which will be on sale at the ZN1 exhibition hall in New York on June 24.

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